Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 103 by Sherry

Hey all Rick prayer warriors!! This is Sherry Smajstlra, Crystal's Aunt. Crystal is waiting for a new card for her computer which she hopes to receive tomorrow from her fantastic friend, Blake. Crystal said it is good to have a "Good IT Nerd Friend" around!!

Rick has had two great days in a row! He continues to walk in the gait trainer. Today he walked a total of 530 feet!! He is pushing the gait trainer on his own and mobilizing it by himself! His PT Olivia only had to keep his feet from crossing in front of each other. Yippee!
Today in speech therapy, he continued to try to speak. He said "HI" to Christina where you could hear his voice not a whisper! In OT, Rick also has had two productive days. He continued to help when he was getting dressed and had therapy with the hand bike.

The most exciting thing happened today-POOL THERAPY!!
Rick was a little apprehensive at first but he soon relaxed. He walked in the pool with weights on his feet to keep his feet from floating up. There is a bench in the pool, Rick sat and then would stand. He was in the pool about 20 min. The pool temperature is 90 degrees-you know Rick had to enjoy it!! Crystal was really impressed that there was a sign that said, "God is Strength" in the pool area. Christian music was played over the loud speakers in the pool area. Crystal said she wanted to stay there the rest of the day!

Please continue to pray for Rick, Crystal, Riley, Cade, Raquel, Stan, Tess, Addison, Gigi, and Jimmy!
I hope everything is clear, and Crystal will be back tomorrow!!
God Bless All Who Love the Kieschnicks!!
Aunt Sherry Smajstrla
PS Pray for Rick's next step at Pate Ranch!!


  1. Aunt Sherry,
    This was worth the wait! What a great message, Rick is doing so well and making such great strides. I think all of us will appreciate your messsage. Father in heaven we thank you for the all the efforts that are being used to help Rick. Father we thank you for all you have in store for Rick and Crystal and the children and all these other folks Sherry mentioned. Lord we praise you and thank you for the blood that Jesus shed for our healing. Lord we thank you for preparing the way for Pate Ranch. In the Name of Jesus we pray, Amen and Amen, God Bless America and all the folks behind the scenes who help Rick and Crystal.
    later, Rick

  2. Rick, Crystal, and Aunt Sherry,
    Thanks so much for keeping us updated each day. We love ready about the progress and it seems like the steps are getting bigger and bigger. Praise the Lord! We are still here and still praying for ya'll.
    Ann & Cliff

  3. Thank you Aunt Sherry for the update, Rick's family in CA depend on those reports nightly. Rick, Crystal, Riley and Cade make our family whole. Rick Vandiver thank you for another wonderful prayer. Can't wait to meet you. Please remember Rick's dad, Glenn and Rick's brother Bryan, their hearts are breaking that they can not make it right for Rick and his family. We know God has a plan for Rick and his family, we look forward to seeing what that plan is, as God is good and will not fail Rick or his family.

  4. Sherry! Wow, I love your blog! Not only did you have great news to share about Rick's successes, but it also showed your bubbly personality, which is so uplifting!
    Rick and Crystal, look how far you have come! What a blessing you two are for one another. You mirror God's love in each other and set an example for all who know and love you both. Take care and give the kids hugs and kisses for us.
    Love and miss you both!