Friday, October 9, 2009

DAY 111

Rick must be singing the song, "There ain't nothin' that can't be done by me and God" because he continues to do amazing things every day. As I'm sitting here typing, he is "talking" to me...I can't make out what he's saying, but he's initiating a conversation and has a voice to go with it! This morning we put him in a smaller wheelchair to see if he could peddle himself around, and you guessed it...he started peddling and turning the wheel as if he's done it before. By noon he was pretty tired, so I put him back in his big chair that's got a lot of support with it for the rest of the day. While they are working on putting his schedule together, we continue to have free time. His primary therapist has asked me to use this time to work puzzles and do some homework with him. The homework today was answering 15 "yes" "no" questions and he had to circle the right answer. The questions were things like "Is an attic underground?". He got all of them right except for 2. Then I had him write the #'s 1-10 on a sheet of paper. All were legible except for the #5 and after helping him with it once he wrote it perfectly. He stood in the standing frame for 20 minutes and was quick to let us know that it was really stretching his legs out. He walked about 175 feet in PT.

Praise God that all is good. There are so many people here at Pate that need a blessing. So many people that are in worse situations than we are. I continue to carry on my constant conversation with God, and I know y'all do too. Rick will get better and this won't last forever!

The kids will be here tomorrow, and I can't wait to see them. Hope y'all have a great weekend.



  1. oh Crystal, that is so amazing! i have something I am sending you, so be looking for it... I can't wait to come visit.. I'm tentatively planning on coming down there at the end of this month! I am so amazed by Rick's progress!!! We are all praying for him at TSH! <3 Britany

  2. Brent & I are are so glad ya'll are at Pate Ranch, it is so great that Rick is adjusting to it so quick!! Just like him! God is Great and he is going to keep you all (those around you too) in his arms and hold you until you can hold it on your on!!! Remember our SAVIOR said "I WILL NEVER FORSAKE YOU AND I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOUR" Love you, Brent & Genice Roberts

  3. Always so blessed to read your updates as you continue to press on toward the prize! You two are quite the team, well actually, you three, as With God All Things Are Possible and it is so obvious that He is leading the way with you so securely in sync with His plan. I know you are touching so many lives there as well as you love and encourage others with your positive attitude, delightful smile and uplifting words, but most importantly your FAITH! So enjoyed our recent visit, hope to see ya'll sometime soon! Please know that you are so close in our hearts and always in our unending conversations with God. Sending tons of hugs and loads of love...Believing this weekend will be absolutely the best yet! We love you! trey, ronda, tay, syd, and cheney

  4. We are so happy for Rick's progress. You all are in our prayers and we will include all the friends at Pate Ranch. Is Rick Vandiver ok? I miss his prayer tonight. Love you both and please hug the kids.

  5. Crystal,
    We have home meetings and last night we had the meeting in WF's, thus the reason I did not respond as usual, was out of pocket. Thank you Cyndi for your concern, I do appreciate it,( and your encouragement, God Bless You greatly!) So glad to hear the good news and yes, Crystal, I'm sure you are right, some people are worse off than you and Rick. One of my Dad's favorite saying was " I cried cause I had no shoes 'til I saw a man who had no feet!
    I am reminded of this so often, we take so much for granted, when many of us are healthy and things could be a million times worse. OK, I'll get off the soapbox and pray. Please agree
    Father in heaven, we come before you with praise and thanksgiving, and Father we thank you that all good things come from you. Lord we thank you for Rick's improvement and Crystal's dedication and strength. Father we ask for a special blessing for all of the folks who are at Pate Ranch for therapy. Lord we do not know them but we know that you do, and Father we ask that supernaturally you touch each individual there in the name of Jesus. Father be with all the staff and guide them so they will do everything in time on time so they can be as effective as possible. Father bless Kyler and Johnathon, meet their's and their familie's needs and we will give you the glory forever and ever, in the name of JEsus we pray, and all of God's children said Amen and Amen, God Bless America and all of those in authority, later, Rick