Monday, October 12, 2009

DAY 114

Okay...I'm going to start with the bad and go to the good. Rick's day was fine, but mine was not so great. This morning Dr. Dickson who is the neurophsych doctor told me it was time for me to step back so Rick will be more independent & be pushed harder by the techs. I was told this would happen eventually, but I didn't think it would be so soon, and I didn't think it would be done so rudely. A little notice would have been nice. Anyway, we stepped out into the hallway, and Dr. Dickson suggested that I just come down and eat lunch with him. And I said, no, I was told it would be a gradual thing, and I'm not just going to bail out, and leave him. And by this time I'm crying pretty hard. And he gives me this spill about it's what's best for Rick and "we've been doing this for years", blah, blah, blah. So I told him I'm not questioning that they don't know what they're doing, I would've just liked a little notice. So, then he says, "We'll do it however you want to do you need some time to think about it?" OMG...I wanted to punch him...but I said, "no, I don't need any time to think about it...I think you know what the answer to your question is". After all he is the neuropsych doc, right? I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out what I wanted. Anyway, I put my big girl pants on and went and sat in the dining room, then got my computer and worked on some CPE. About every hour I went and checked on Rick. So, my posts may not be as detailed about exactly what all he's done in therapy.

Now to the good part. Dr. Konen's office called today and insurance approved the baclofen pump....thank you God...that is what I needed to hear. She will schedule the surgery and call me back, but should be in about 2 weeks. YEA!!! Both his OT and PT here at Pate asked me if Rick had had a baclofen trial on the first day they ever worked with him....and both of them, just like the folks at Baylor said it would be the best thing for him. I've been told there are several patients here at Pate with pumps, but because of confidentialty reasons, they can't tell me which patients they are. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. I can't wait to see what Rick will be able to do with the pump.

Well, it's supper time, so we'll go see if it's edible! HA! If not, I'll make a Sonic run! Thanks so much again to everyone for your prayers and support. We'll get Rick back...we will. Praise God for all his good works, and wait for his time.



  1. Crystal,
    You have been around long enough to know some Dr.s don't have any bedside manner and, I kind of hate to say it, once in a while they are more concerned about their time (money) than they are the feelings of a client's wife.
    Now, what is more important is the fact that you made a decision to go to Pate Ranch and you'll have to stay hooked for a while but we'll pray everything is still going to work for the best for you and Rick. And it will!!!
    won't it and you say yes because that is what all of us will agree to!!! ok?? let's pray
    Father in heaven we come before you with praise and thanksgiving and Father we thank you for all you have done for Rick and Crystal.
    Father we ask that you intervene on Crystal's behalf and give her strength, wisdom, understanding, and longsuffering. ( I can't help but think you have as much of that as anyone!!) Father we thank you for comforting Crystal and helping her through this next phase of healing. Father we thank you for continued accellerated healing for Rick and for a continued miraculous work in him. In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen and Amen
    God Bless America, later, Rick

  2. Crystal I am sorry you had your feelings hurt and were upset by the doctor suggesting you back off some.

    I usually don't stick up for doctors, I have been in enough hospitals and had enough tick me off to last 3 lifetimes, with my daughter. But I have to say they were not saying those things to hurt you, but to help Rick. Doctors may not have the best bedside manners sometimes, but sometimes that is what is needed. A person who can step back from the emotion of it all and say "this is what needs to be done for him to improve". Your love for Rick wants to keep him with you as much as possible, but maybe he needs just that little bit extra time alone to focus and get more work done.

    That said, I do think it should be a gradual thing and the doctor could have been a bit nicer to you, just don't forget they do have Rick's best interest in mind.

    Praying for him and rejoicing in the miracles he has received thus far.

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  4. Crystal...I'm not so sweet. Kick him in the knee. HA HA... I am praying for you and believe me when I say that I truly know how you feel, girl. Been there, just last week. You take care and know that I am your biggest cheerleader! Love you. Tanya

  5. Crystal,

    I really don't have the words to express myself, but please know that we are all thinking and praying for you and Rick each and every day. "We", meaning lots of folks down in the Central Texas area.
    May God be at your side and give you strength, courage, and wisdom.



  6. Crystal,
    I was thinking about you and your family all morning. I put on a gray vest I haven't worn in a while and there was a sterling silver angel and onyx pin that was still stuck in the vest from the last time I wore it. Riley and Cade gave it to me for Christmas many years ago.....and I just got to thinking about how our families were such a big part of each others' lives and how drastically different things are for us all now.
    Then I get to work and read your post from last night. I am so sorry you were treated that way...I wish I could be there and hug ya. You've seen me have a melt down and need a hug (brother at war - 2003!). How I wish I could be there.
    Here's a perspective....maybe you could look at it as kindergarten. It is soooo hard to let them go, but we know it is time and it is best, because it is a part of development. Rick is starting kindergarten, and each day will get easier for you. There might be some days that are harder than others but you will prevail. God has continued to show you that He is involved, He is listening, He is there. You are continuously in my prayers.
    Love you, Angel

  7. True-some doctors don't always have the greatest bedside techniques and it is easy to dislike them. As long as they have Rick's best interest at heart that is what matters. Sometimes it is much easier for them to work with the patient without the family present and this is usually a difficult concept for the family. I have been on both sides. Just try to keep those big girl pants on for awhile and see how things work for Rick.
    Keeping you close in thought and prayer. shelah

  8. Crystal,
    I loved how Angel said to look at as though Rick was going to have to let go so that he is able to achieve more. That is so incredibly hard to do when you love someone and have been through such a challenging time as you have with Rick. But you have to remember how many people have told you how good Pate Ranch is and how they have helped so many. They must know what they are doing. You have been tested in your faith during this whole time, but maybe the greatest test is now when you need to totally trust and hand over to God and these doctors the care of Rick. We love you both so much and will continue to pray for you.