Thursday, October 22, 2009

DAY 124

We finally had our team meeting today. I'm getting better and better at handling these initial assesments. The meeting was with the neuropsych dr., Rick's therapists and our case manager. They gave me their evaluation based on Rick's first 5 days here at Pate, and he's made lots of progress since then. With that being said, they say that he will not discharge from here until April. He could possibly be ready for outpatient in December or January, but will need some type of rehab until April. With all that being said, the baclofen pump will change everything anyway, and Rick has always proven everyone wrong up to this point and he will do it again. And that's exactly what I told them...they said they liked my attitude and they hope the same thing, too. Our God is an awesome God!

Glenn and Kimbrew came to visit today. I told Rick they were coming and I asked him "what is Kimbrew's first name" and he said "Robert". Then he said "what about Rae?". Rae is Kimbrew's wife. He also talked to the kids loud enough tonight that they could hear him. Rick's initiation continues to improve. When he drops something he leans over to pick it up, when I push him up to the sink he reaches up to turn the water on. Zakk, one of the techs, taught him a handshake on Saturday, and on Sunday when Rick saw him he initiated the handshake and remembered most of the moves. He can now sit on the edge of the mat or bed withouth anyone behind him. He can hold himself up perfectly, and I make him do it every night when I put him in bed. I sit him on the edge and after he's sat there for a minute, I tell him to lay hisself down. He leans over and puts his head down and then swings his legs up. I've noticed more facial expressions which means his face muscles are getting stronger.

Thank you for your prayers...God Bless You All.



  1. Crystal,
    Thanks for the pictures, it's good to see you two and "Doc". I pray everything will continue to run smoothly. I will be a little more brief tonight as I am a little tired.
    Let's pray and agree, Father in heaven we come before you with praise and thanksgiving. Father we thank you for the healing in Rick and we thank you in advance for the healing that is comeing. Father we know Rick has a way to go and we thank you for accellerating this healing. Father we thank you for supernatural healing. Father healing that will make the Dr.s and the therapists have to give you the glory for the "miracle" that has taken place in Rick's body. Father we thank you in advance and we give you the praise and the glory because every good thing comes from you. Father we ask your blessings for the Morriss family, the Moorehouses, and the Tongue River Ranch family and Father we thank you for all of them in the Name of Jesus. God Bless America, in the Name of Jesus we pray, Amen and Amen, later, Rick

  2. Sounds like some great progress! We love to hear that! Praying.