Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DAY 122

Today was really good. Rick did well in all his therapies AND we got to see Julia his OT from Baylor. She came out with a group from Baylor that was touring Pate. It was so good to see her...I miss the Baylor crew ALOT! Rick also got a little something extra today. He got to see the therapy horse this afternoon. We had actually already come back up to the house when one of the techs noticed that the horses were here. So we went back to take a look. One of the patients that is discharging on Thursday actually got to ride. Balie Inglish White came to us and got to meet "Hank" as well. "Hank" is pretty impressive. He is a 4 yr old double bred Hancock horse that is so extremely gentle and willing to do whatever is asked of him that's it's unbelievable. Rick didn't try to jump out of his chair or anything, but he did certainly seem interested in him. He kept pulling on his nose as if he was looking at his teeth...maybe he didn't believe he was 4 either!

We talked to the kiddos who have been staying with my mom and dad the last 4 nights because my sisters girls are sick. They are doing well...really missing us, and we of course are really missing them.

Jesus will heal Rick...he will heal him in every way.

To grant consolation and joy to those who mourn in Zion-to give them an ornament of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, the garment of praise instead of a heavy burdened, and failing spirit-that they may be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he may be glorified. Isaiah 61:3



  1. Crystal,
    Jesus has been healing Rick, and he will finish what he has started!! Praise his Holy Name for ever and ever and to him be the glory!
    Glad to her about the horses, I'll bet Rick lit up like a kid in a candy store, bless his heart. Oh, I probably will be out of pocket tomorrow night, so if I don't write you'll know why, will catch up Thur. Did you guys get to see Performance Horse the other day on RFD?
    They did a small segment on Back to the Remuda Sale. I think they could have done a littl' better show, but they ain't never called and asked me what I thought! The peckerwoods, oh well, let's pray and agree, Father in heaven we come before you with praise and thanksgiving and Father we thank you for continued healing in Rick and strength and compassion in Crystal. Father we thank you for all the therapists assigned to Rick and Lord we thank you for your guidance for them in the Name of Jesus. Father we thank you for the baclofen pump and we thank you in advance for the wellness that it will promote in Rick's body. Lord we pray for Kelly C. and Kelly P. and Father we thank you for the healing their bodies needs and Lord we thank you for meeting the needs of their families. Father we thank you for blessing everyone who has contributed to Rick and Crystal, however they did it. Bless their time, finances, and prayers in the Name of Jesus. Father I pray for a special blessing for Rhonda, Shelah, and all of the friends who have written regularly and posted comments or prayers that have helped to lift Rick's and Crystal's spirits. I apologize for not remembering everyone's name but God knows
    and he will Bless each of you! In the wonderful Name of Jesus we pray, Amen and Amen
    God Bless America, please remember Sharyn and I in your prayers and our son/daughter in law, Shane and Kim as they will be expecting our first grandchild Nov. 16th. We are really looking forward to greeting Casey Mance (?) God Bless us all, later, Rick

  2. Crystal,
    I bet that Rick seeing a horse again was really special. Also seeing someone you got to know so well at Baylor. God provides special moments at exactly the right time! Praying for you all each night.
    Ann & Cliff