Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 104 by Sherry

Hello all it's Aunt Sherry again. Crystal received her card for her computer, but there was some problem with it! I am sure Blake will take care of it ASAP.

Today Rick had another good day! Thank God!
Rick walked with the gait trainer this morning in PT with Olivia, but he kept pointing to his left shoulder. They have been taping it lately and think it was probably injured in the accident. Because the gait trainer takes alot of effort to push-Rick only worked with it this morning. This afternoon in PT, he rode a bike. Crystal and Rick were very sad today because Rick's PT therapist Olivia will not be @ Baylor on Mon. or Tues. There were tears, and Olivia promised to keep in touch!! If you haven't met Olivia, she is an awesome therapist and has really pushed Rick.
In speech therapy, Rick was given sips of water out of a spoon. This is a big deal because everything Rick usually drinks has a thickener added to help keep him from choking. Rick handled it pretty well! Cool!!
POOL THERAPY AGAIN!!! In pool therapy, Rick had a floaties to hold up his head and waist. The therapist thought the therapy really helped with Rick's tightness(tone). I hope he didn't have those little orange kind of floaties we had as kids!!
Riley and Cade are staying this weekend in Guthrie. They are @ the homecoming game with Jody and Candace. I believe Sammy is going to take them out to the ranch so they go home for a little bit and hang with the TRR kids. I know everyone in Guthrie is loving on the Kieschnick kids as I type.
Please continue to pray for Rick and the whole gang!! I hope everyone knows how much your prayers, cards,and kind words have carried Crystal and family through these last 103 days. God Bless all of you!! Aunt Sherry


  1. Sherry,
    Great news again, so glad to get the daily updates on Rick's progress. Let's pray that this momentum keeps going! I'll bet the children are having a hoot right now, bless their little hearts. Thanks for the update, God Bless, please agree with me and let's pray, Father we come before you with praise and thanksgiving and Father we thank you for another good week for Rick and Crytal, Father we thank you in advance for the transition next week. Lord we pray that all the therapists will do exactly what needs to be done and exactly the way it needs to be done. Lord we pray for accellerated healing at Pate Ranch and we pray for God's blessing to be on all of those involved, in Jesus name we pray, and all of God's children said Amen and Amen
    God Bless America, later, Rick

  2. eager to hear from you-hope computer is up and running soon