Tuesday, October 6, 2009

DAY 108

I'm back! Thanks Blake for getting me up and running...I owe you one or two or ten! We arrived safely at Pate around 11:30 this morning. We made it before the thunderstorms hit and I was so very thankful for that. Rick handled the trip well until we were about a mile away from the ranch and then he threw up...could be the bppv thing again, just something we'll have to keep an eye on. It was so hard to leave Baylor. Even though I know it's time to move on and Rick is ready for 6 hours of therapy, it's just very hard to leave such good people. And these folks at Pate have some very big shoes to fill! Rick did have one PT session when we got here. I filled out paperwork and answered the same stupid question "what are your goals for Rick?" that I've had to answer over and over again! I know they have to ask, but it just seems so obvious to me what the goal is. We made it over to the house (about 100 yards from therapy) at 3:30 and ate supper at 5:00. We are now sitting in his room just chilling out and getting away from all the hub bub in the house. He lives in a house with 15 other people, and although the house is big, it can feel like very close quarters at times. And I'm afraid I'm gonna have to get in the kitchen and do some cooking if our next meals are anything like we had tonight...Rick still needs to gain 30 pounds and this ain't gonna cut it!

Thanks to Sherry for updating the blog...hope y'all enjoyed her craziness! God really did have a sky full of angels watching over us today...highway 75 is no fun to drive and I was so glad when we got off of it.

Rick is tired tonight and it's only 6:30. Time for us to unpack and get situated. Thanks for you continued prayers and support. Keep the faith and keep believing. I see more and more of my old buddy Rick every day. We'll get there!

Love you all!


  1. Crystal,
    So glad you are back, however Sherry did a great job relaying the news. I'm glad the trip went as well as it did hopefully Rick will settle in and everything will run smoothly.
    One thing about it you are out of the city and the big crowd. God Bless, later, Rick

  2. Crystal,
    Hang in there! I know change is hard and scary. The Lord has a plan and though it may seem hard and unbearable at times, remember He will never put anything on your shoulders that you can't handle. There is a specific Bible verse, but I can't remember where in the Bible it is. Remember, Keep your eyes on the prize. We all continue to lift you all up to the Lord and look forward to your daily updates. Give Rick a big kiss for us!!! We love y'all. Tanya, Gordon, Tabi and Garret Gray

  3. Crystal,
    I'm so glad to hear from you in person. Sherry filled in great and kept us posted. We are tickled that you made the trip so well. Now on to more steps forward for Rick! Did he ever get those red Converses?
    Still praying daily for all of ya'll!
    Ann & Cliff

  4. I thought of you all, all day long, so glad you are at the next level. You all are still in our prayers many times a day. Wish I could give Rick the 30 lbs. (He would look better and so would I) Maybe Grandma Texas cinnamon roll recipe would help, they will be on the way next week. Please tell Rick I love him so much. Crystal thank you for being such a dedicated wife to Rick and making sure he gets the care he needs and helping him get through this, it means so much to his family to know he has you by his side. We love each of you.

  5. Rick and Crystal,
    We didn't call yesterday knowing that you might need some quiet time to get oriented in your new surroundings. We'll try soon to see how things are progressing.
    As you have made each change or step forward to a different facility, it has been an adjustment, but I know that God has led you on this path for a reason. The therapy will further help Rick towards his goal of healing...with Rick's determination and heart, a faithful and supporting wife, and the terrific family and friends you have praying for the both of you, there will be no other outcome than his healing. We love and miss you both!
    Here is another quote I found you might enjoy:
    Live simply.
    Love generously.
    Care deeply.
    Speak kindly.
    Leave the rest to God.

    That pretty much sums it up, doesn't it.

  6. Hi Rick and Crystal! It's Olivia - BIR was not the same today without you :( I even gave the gait trainer a second look when I saw it go by. hahaha! I got everything you left for me today, and I love it all - especially the card. I wish you guys the best. You and Rick will be in my prayers during this transition. I pray for the day both of you come walking through the doors of BIR to visit!

    Miss you
    Shorty :)

  7. So glad you are up and running again. Would love to see some pictures of Rick in therapy.
    Many prayers headed your way---and get out the cookbook.

  8. So glad to hear that y'all got to Pate! We thought of you all day yesterday and wondered how it was going. We can't wait to hear about Rick's first full day there. I bet he'll do awesome things. You guys are in our prayers many times each day! I'm still getting lots of hugs from Cade. I love that little guy so much! Take care and please holler if we can help in any way!
    Kelly, Reno, Alyssa and Morgan