Thursday, October 8, 2009

DAY 110

Sorry so late, and I actually wasn't stuffing my face. I ran into Anna which is about 7 miles to go to the grocery store. I explained to Rick that I was going to run for a minute and was walking out the door...I turned back to look at him and he was watching me. I waved bye and he motioned for me to come back. He tried to tell me something, but I couldn't make out what it was, but I said "okay, I'll get it" and turned to go again...this time when I looked back and waved, he waved back. We had visits today from Glenn, Freddie Streit, and John Hogue and his wife and daughter Kristin and Casey. As far as therapy today, we didn't exactly have a packed schedule. He did the bike first thing and then we had about a 2 hour break. They gave me some tasks to do with him in his "office" which is a really small room with 2 desks in it. He shares it with another patient named Bob. Then he did speech, and played a game of solitare on the computer. He actually new exactly what to do with the mouse, and the game and had a little trouble clicking the mouse and dragging the cards right, but he actually moved a few cards to the right places...the speech therapist couldn't believe his initiation. He ate lunch, did the standing frame, finished up his OT evaluation, and walked a little in PT using the parallel bars. We had another successful potty run, and a couple of near misses. But it's huge that he's starting to tell me when he needs to go. Supper was nothing to write home about thus the run to the grocery store. He's patiently waiting for a shower right now and hopefully he'll sleep as well as he did last night. He got a longer bed and I never heard a peep out of him.

I don't know if y'all noticed the post from Kyler's Aunt Tanya, but Kyler did not make it to Pate. He had to go back to NM and needs your prayers now more than ever.

I get to stay with Rick and eat all meals with him...they said to make myself at home here. They are pretty strict about visiting hours just because of the close quarters in the therapy gym. Of course this first week nothing is set in stone since we are settling in, but usually he will be in therapy with no breaks from 9 am to 12:30 pm and 1:00 to 3:30. BUT if you are in the area, please come by...the visit may have to be short, but please stop by. If you can, plan to come after 3:30 or anytime on the weekends.

As Ronda would say, "Prayers are going up, and blessings are coming down" so, keep 'em coming! There are so many more stories for me to tell you, but I'll wait until another night.

God Bless You All!



  1. Prayers are going up on a daily and nightly deal around the Graham place. Tell Rick {AKA Tots} that Eddie {AKA Iddy Biddy} will be down wednesday and thursday next week. Love yall

  2. Crystal,
    Praise the Lord, proclaim the works of the Lord! Keep the word in your mouth and as much of it as you can in Rick's ear. Hope everything continues to work well, God Bless and keep you all, Later, Rick
    p.s. we had a genuine frog strangler here a while ago and a little hail not enough to damage anything but a good rain. I talked to Cindy Layton and they were haveing a good rain at Benjamin, later

  3. Crystal,
    It was so great to hear your voice last night when I chatted with you! Your voice sounds like the "old" Crystal. I am looking forward to the day when Devin can chat with Rick on the phone even though he was not ever much into chatting on the phone, ha!
    I can't wait to hear what the kids think of Pate after their visit this weekend. Please give them hugs and kisses from all of us!
    Love and miss you both!