Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We got to the hospital a little late this morning...the driver couldn't figure out how to operate the bus, and then that good ole' Dallas traffic! It was like sea of red tail lights! My mom made it around 9:00, she was caught in traffice, too. They had the darndest time trying to start an IV on Rick...he was cold, had a low blood presssure, and had not had any fluids and his veins were hiding! They finally got to operating around 10, and he was out of recovery and in his room at 12:30. Dr. Konen checked in with us around 2:00 and said Rick was ready to go. He said the surgery went so well he should have had it videotaped for teaching. We got back to Pate at 5:30 and Rick was starving...he hadn't eaten anything all day. He ate and then threw up...I think just too much on an empty, queasy stomach. He has an insicion on his right abdomen about 4 inches and one on his back about 2 inches. He doesn't have too many limitations and the doc started him on antibiotics just to be on the safe side. Right now he is getting 100 micrograms of baclofen in a 24 hour period...which is really not a lot. We should see results in 48 hours and then the Physical Medicine doctor can start tweeking on the dosage. Right now he is in bed asleep!

This morning when we got to the hospital, he looked down at his left wrist, pointed to it and whispered, "where is my watch?" I said, "its at the house" and that seemed to satisfy him, but it is great that he is becoming more and more aware...his watch is kind of like his pocket knife...he doesn't leave the house without either one.

Tomorrow is Riley's b-day and our wedding anniversary. Getting through this surgery was the best gift I think that Riley or I could recieve! I expect great things from this. I believe God has bigger and better things for us and I plan on fullfilling those. But, for now, I believe I'll head the way of Rick and get some rest myself. Thanks for all your wonderful prayers...may God give each of you a special blessing.



  1. Praise God,
    Crystal, remember a scripture I gave you some time back? I will not die, but live, and proclaim the wonderful works of the Lord! Praise the Lord for his wonderful works. Happy anniversary and God Bless!! Thank you Jesus, glory to the Lamb, Amen, later, Rick

  2. Great news! I've been thinking about you guys and the surgery all day. So glad it went well. And glad Rick is missing his watch!! Everyday just gets better and better... definitely answered prayers.
    Love and prayers,
    Kelly, Reno, Alyssa and Morgan

  3. Crystal, I know it has been a few years since we worked together at Wright's but I heard today that Rick is at Pate rehab. You are literally 5 minutes from my house. Please call me because we absolutely want to help. You are welcome to use our house, stay with us, let our kids play together, or maybe just sit in the rocking chair on the back porch and watch the sun go down while listening to the cows moo and the birds chirp :-). Please call me
    Jennifer Griffin. 972-977-7954.