Thursday, October 15, 2009

DAY 117

OT came up to the house this morning and dressed Rick. He did really well dressing takes a while, but he attempts to do everything. He walked in PT this morning and then it was office time. I stepped away and each time I checked on him there was someone with him. At one point I checked on him and he had backed himself out of the office and the aide didn't really know what to do with him since he obviously didn't want to be in the office anymore. He still does extremely well peddling his little wheelchair. One of my main concerns about staffing at the house is being addressed. Starting tomorrow there will be an additional person in the house from 6-9 to ensure that all patients are getting the care they need. A meeting has been set to address the other issues I have with his therapy. Again, I'm not questioning their method or that they know what they are doing, I just don't think their plan is being implemented as well as they might think it is. Rick took a pretty long nap this afternoon and is now in the shower.

I figured out that the cell phone reception out here is about like it is at Tongue know...walk out the front door 5 steps, face south, stand on your right leg and lean to the left and you'll get reception! Anyway, sorry if I miss some calls or if you get a message that my phone is out of service.

We recieved more cards and letters today...thank you, and a big thank you to Jennifer Vickers for taking supper to my sisters house...Cade said "it was wonderful!". Thanks to everyone for all the support you've shown. Just to brag on my kids a bit...Cade made straight A's and Riley made all A's and 2 B's...I'm so proud of them.



  1. Crystal,
    I guess the Holy Spirit thought I was heading the wrong way, (or the devil did one) I was typeing along and lost my screen. Oh well, glad to hear things are working a little better. It distresses me when you have a rotten day, I know they will come, but thank God they also will go! Glad to hear the kiddos are doing well in school, I'm glad their situation is not hindering them. Thank God for watching over them and their guardian angels.
    Let's pray that the powers that be at Pate Ranch get their business together and get to doing what they need to be doing. Ok? OK!!
    Lord we come before you with praise and thanks giving and Father we thank you for all you have done for Rick and Crystal. Father we pray for continued healing in Rick, for absolutely supernatural healing. Healing Father that will
    baffle everyone at Pate, except ofcourse we who have prayed for it. Father we thank you for guideing those who are in charge, to do what they are supposed to do when they are supposed to do it and to promote the healing of Rick. Father we thank you for giveing Crystal wisdom and knowledge to do and say what she needs to do and say to promote Rick's better interest. Father we pray for blessings for all the folks at Pate Ranch, the Morriss family, the Moorehouses, and the Tongue River Ranch family. In the Blessed name of Jesus we pray. Amen and Amen God Bless America
    leter, Rick P.S. Ronda those were wonderful Words last night, God Bless you and Shelah for her agreement