Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DAY 38

How great is our God? Let me tell you how great he is...Rick smiled today...5 times!

1st time was early this morning before I was here. Tricia told Rick that she isn't quite the talker that Sherry is, but figured Sherry could tell a pretty good story...Rick smiled.

2nd, 3rd and 4th times were during a visit from Kerry and Tammy Wrinkle. Rick was sitting up this morning when they came and was pretty awake. First I said, "Rick, Kerry's here, and I know the first thing you would ask him if you could is 'How's the power plant?'"...Rick smiled
Then Kerry said, "Rick we've seen Riley's picture and she sure is tall...gona be taller than you...Rick smiled. Finally, I told Rick that Kerry had brought a forklift over for him to drive and he had plenty of targets around here...Rick smiled. That's a joke that goes back to 1994 when Rick first started at the power plant. Kerry had an old pickup he was fixing up and it was THE ONLY vehicle in the parking lot, and guess what...Rick ran into it with a forklift! He just wanted to die.
5th time was this afternoon during therapy, Reno told a joke...What do you call 10 lawyers buried up to their necks in sand...not enough sand...and Rick smiled. It was wonderful to see him smile appropriately...just like he would have normally.

He also tried to clean his mouth out again this morning by himself, and a nurse was in here to see him do it, so now that's on the chart as well. The Baylor nurse MIGHT be here tomorrow...hopefully I'll know for sure by the end of the day. Please pray we get into Baylor.

Thanks again for all the support that continues to pour in...y'all are remarkable!

God Bless,


  1. Oh WOW!!!! This is the 2nd time today I've checked the blog, and I'm sure glad I did! Please tell Rick I'm proud of him and to keep up the hard work. Wow...

    Brenda & Jake

  2. wow! how amazing! i wish i could have seen it!

  3. Reno called me as soon as he left to tell me about making Rick smile. That is so great! Thanks for posting. I kept checking and couldn't wait to read it! Hope the Baylor nurse comes tomorrow!

  4. The biggest smile Rick had was when Kerry told him, he missed his giggle. Rick's giggle always made everyone start to laugh, and WE were laughing just talking about it. It was great to see the both of you. Ya'll are in our prayers!!!
    Kerry & Tammy

  5. Crystal,
    I check your blog daily and am so thankful for all the praises/blessings you report. There are so many people praying for you guys and it is evident that God is answering them. I have a Kade that will be in the second grade, here in Seymour. He is excited that there will be another Cade for awhile. My Kade is super sweet, so I know he will quickly befriend your Cade. As the librarian I get to work with the 5th graders once a week, so I am looking forward to meeting Riley. Please know that we will take wonderful care of them! I will continue to pray for you guys and Rick's acceptance into Baylor.
    Sunday Portwood McAdams

  6. Yipeeee...Crystal that is so awesome. We are all sending prayers up and God will open Baylor's doors!!! We are already making plans for a road trip to Dallas next week to visit! Tell Rick we are so proud of him and can't wait to see that big old rotten smile of his!!!

    "I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go" Psalm 32:8

    Thank you God for guiding Crystal through this phase of your journey!!! He put you right where he wanted you girl!! What a blessing the Specialty Hospital has been!

    Love ya and promise to call you in a.m.


  7. Crystal,
    Thanks for your continued posts. We love reading about Rick's progress. Know that we are praying for Rick, You, and the kids.
    Ann & Cliff Johnson

  8. Crystal,
    Wow! I get chills everytime I read Ricks Blog! How Awesome is God! You & Rick will get to Baylor just keep praising God! My 9 yr old has one request...He said... "Please don't make Rick watch anymore Hannah Montana UGH!!" We are here behind you ALL the way, and when your to tired to pray..Remember....WE ARE ALL PRAYING FOR YOU!!

    Faith is not Believing that God can...It's Knowing that he Will

    Melissa & Family (from Vernon)