Tuesday, July 7, 2009

DAY 17

Again, not much going on today. Rick is running a fever and the Dr. wants to find out why, so their doing several different tests to try and find out. He will also be moving the feeding tube from his nose to his stomach for ease of care.

A lady from Texas Specialty Hospital (LTAC) came to visit and is starting the paperwork to get him moved, but it will still be a few days before we go. Luckily it will still be walking distance to the Rathgeber House and I will continue to stay there. The Rathgeber House is such a wonderful place to stay...if you ever have a chance to donate to them, please do so. They operate only on donations and provide a wonderful, wonderful place to stay.

I'll try to send one more update before the day is over.

Please continue to pray for Rick.



  1. Hang in there, you seem down...Remember, God is in Control!! We all love ya'll and are continuing to pray! Our Rick will overcome this, I just know it!!!

  2. Crystal,
    Cade and Kelce are starting to wind down for the night. I bought him some shiny pipe cleaners and shiny little balls. He and Kelce have had a ball making all sorts of designs. They made Riley a cool peace sign!! Just wanted you to know you are all continue to be in our prayers!!! Glad you found out about Texas Hosp. I know that makes you feel better!! Take care of yourself! Love ya,

  3. God will take care of the fever... I just know it! He has pulled Rick through and will continue to. SO SO SO many people everywhere are praying so hard for Rick. We can get through this... just takes time. We love you! Take care of yourself too. When he wakes up, he's going to wonder "what the hell happened?", and where he is, and you'll have to tell him over and over (I know this from experience) so you have to be well-rested and healthy! So take care of yourself for sure!
    We love you!
    Kelly, Reno, Alyssa and Morgan

  4. Crystal,
    Hang in there girl. I enjoyed being with Kade on Sunday at Clint and Ashleys. I know you are ready to have all your family together again and it is going to happen, maybe not as soon as we would all like for it to, but it is going to happen. Each day is one day closer to Rick waking up. You have alot of people praying for your family and Rick. You take care of yourself because Rick is going to need you when he wakes up.

  5. Hey Crystal,
    Justin and I are just checking in on you. I know the days are getting long for you but hold on to your faith, your big day is coming!! I have been thinking about Cade a lot today. Please tell him Mrs. Johnson says hi and i am thinking of him. I miss his smiley face and that big hug every morning!! We have been to Guthrie today for library and everyone is asking about yall and everyone is praying for you!! Mr. Ballard was telling me that some of the kids in his neighborhood (Sara, Zac, Morgan, and the others that live there)sold cookies and lemonade over the weekend. They could not decide what to do with the money they made so they decided they were going to donate it to Rick. I just had to smile and wipe my tears because it just shows you what a great little community our children are being raised in!! We are thinking of you so often and praying for your strength, Cade and Riley's comfort, and Rick's speedy recovery. It will come. We love you! Hang in there...
    With all our love,
    Justin, Kelly, Riggin and Journey

  6. The fever is nothing more than God's way of showing Rick's body is healthy enough to fight off infection. The Lord speaks in many ways... Love you, Shelly

  7. Praise God, especially in the tough times. This is generally backwards from our "normal" way of thinking. We usually praise Him in the good times & pray our needs be met in the tough times. Crystal, your needs really are being met- right now. There are many blessings happening for you and for all the people around you, including the readers of this blog. We continue to pray for the ultimate blessing of Rick's recovery, but for now, continue to have faith that He is working and praise God that so many lives are being touched through this.

    You know, Job didn't take his misery lightly- he wasn't at all happy with the cards he was dealt. However, he refused to curse God- he continued to praise.

    I pray for strength, courage, and peace for you. As so many have already said, we love you and lift you up!


  8. Crystal,
    My thoughts and prayers are sent your way. If ever I can help I am only a phone call away. I know you are surrounded by family and friends you are such a wonderful person but know i think of you and your family every day. I love you and God be with you.
    Love Deana