Sunday, July 26, 2009

DAY 36

Today has been a much better day than yesterday. Another patient in the hospital had her church choir in her room singing, and they were soooo good. We walked down the hall to listen, and they were singing "Jesus will fix it"...yes he will. I realize yesterday was a blessing in disguise...the nurses said that now we know that if he is in pain, he will let us know. He communicated in so many ways yesterday...he tried to talk, he nodded his head, and he pointed his finger when I asked him if he was hurting...God has his plan, and nothing is impossible with Him. Today Pastor Bersche came in and said "Hello Rick" and he dropped what was in his hand and stretched his fingers out almost as if to shake hands and tried to say's just amazing...sometimes when I see these things I think my eyes are deceiving me, but both Pastor and Sherry saw it too, & they aren't crazy...well at least Pastor isn't! I was cleaning Rick's mouth out earlier and when I got through he was trying to take the stick out of my hand, so I gave it to him to see what he would do with it. He moved it towards his mouth and opened his mouth like he was trying to put it in...of course he couldn't quite get there, but it is just wonderful to see him connect the dots! Thank you God for letting us have a joyous day. I know we will have many more to come, and so many people to celebrate with us. God is good, and people are good, too...that doesn't always make the news, but there are so many good people out there.

God Bless you all...thank you for going on this journey with us.



  1. Crystal,
    Thanks for trusting Rick in my care last night. I had a hard time falling asleep bc I kept worrying about him. Once he woke up this morning, I could tell today would be so much better for you both. I am continually amazed at each little thing Rick does. Your blog is great but seeing is believing!! I love you both and am honored to walk this journey with you!!! Love ya, Aunt Sher
    PS Give Rick an "I love you" from John, Kelce, and me!!!
    PSS Like that church group sang today-God is going "to fix" Rick!!!!

  2. hi crystal, keep pressing on toward the goal to win the prize to which God in Christ Jesus is calling us upward(phil.3:14) thrilled to read such progress! you are such a blessing to everyone on this journey with you...thank you for always being so REAL! GOD IS GOOD and so FAITHFUL, everything is for His glory.

    sending love, hugs, and prayers,
    ronda and fam

  3. I am sitting here thinking about how he scared me to death when he coughed earlier. I was concentrating on him opening his mouth so hard that he made me jump a mile high!

  4. You don't know me, but I am from Vernon and have friends that know you and your family. I just wanted to say that God's not finished and that He will forever be in control. Don't stop running to your goal, and keep your eyes on Him. Doubt and do without - believe and receive! Your music is phenominal:uplifting, empowering and totally the TRUTH! Fill his room with these awesome songs and his heart and spirit will be filled!