Wednesday, July 15, 2009

DAY 25

Another good day for Rick...Praise God! First thing this morning at 5 am he opened his eyes really wide. The nurse and Sandy watched him and for 20 minutes he kept his eyes open. We sat him up again this afternoon, and have just been amazed at what that does for him. He opened his eyes again when he was rocked back and forth, but unlike yesterday, he continued to keep them open even when he was sitting still. I knealt down at his feet and talked to him, and he found me. He looked down at me and really focused on me and what I was saying. I just talked to him about the kids and the ranch and things going on. He stayed focused for a few he was really trying to listen to's amazing and I know it's all because of the prayers...God is listening.

This morning I opened the daily devotional called Grace for the Moment by Max Lucado. Today's entry said the following:

More Than Meets the Eye

Faith means being sure of the things we hope for and knowing that something is real even if we do not see it. HEWBREWS 11:1

Faith is trusting what the eye can't see.
Eyes see the prowling lion. Faith sees Daniel's angel.
Eyes see storms. Faith sees Noah's rainbow.
Eyes see giants. Faith sees Canaan.
Your eyes see your faults. Your faith sees your Savior.
Your eyes see your guilt. Your faith sees his blood.

Your eyes look in the mirror and see a sinner, a failure, a promise-breaker. But by faith you look in the mirror and see a robed prodigal bearing the ring of grace on your finger and the kiss of your Father on your face.

The verse from Hebrews is going to be "my verse". This verse has been put in front of me so many times through this journey, that I'm going to officially adopt it as mine.

Keep's working!



  1. YIPPEE!!! I about had a cow waiting for my computer to boot up!! I am so thrilled! What a great day you all had! God is good! I read all you wrote in the blog to Cade-he was so excited!! I kinda got teary eyed!! We'll call you later. Enjoy supper!! Love ya, Aunt Sher and Cade

  2. okay I'm teary-eyed too!! I'm so so excited!! YAY!!! Keep posting so we can share in your excitement... Prayers are being answered each minute... We Love you!
    Kelly, Reno and girls

  3. Today has been a big day for you. I continue to be amazed by your strength. What an inspiration you are to so many people. Thank you for taking the time to keep everyone posted on Rick's progress daily. I check several times throughout the day and I look forward to reading what you have to say. I continue to pray for all of you. I anxiously await the day Rick wakes up and tells you he loves you, as I know you do as well.
    Love, Shelly

  4. Miss Shelly Koch, I don't know you. However, I do know, that Rick will be telling Miss Crystal (who better be in bed fast asleep now)he loves her soon!!!!

    Today made me really think that the older I get, the more God reveals to me that the safest way out of any dilemma during trials and tribulations in our lives is to worship him. He wants us to enter into his presence with thanksgiving in our hearts and worship him during the good and bad times. He wants our hearts to become mesmerized at the glory and majesty we all behold through him. He continuously wants us to leave our troubles behind, rise above the works of the flesh, and just be close to him. Thank you Lord ,for allowing all of us to witness Crystal’s amazing strength and dedication to do your will. It is a direct reflection of your presence in her life and her devotion to you! We give you all the glory for this wonderful day!

    For all of you prayer warriors out there, keep up the awesome work of Glorifying his name!!

    1 Chronicles 16:29 Give to the LORD the glory due His name; bring an offering, and come before Him. Oh, worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness!

    We love you so much Crystal!

    Bobby, Sandy and Tater

  5. Crystal,
    Cade wants to send you a message before he goes to beddyby!! What an exciting day you two had!! Can't wait for what tomorrow brings for TrickyRicky!! Love ya, AuntSher, BigJohn, and Kelce plus Cade!!!
    Dear Mama,
    i love you i miss you a lot! give daddy a kiss ! love Cade

  6. Hi Crystal...Enjoyed our little time together...prayed for ya'll the whole way home, praised God for his Faithfulness...a song came on I hadn't heard in awhile...actually the first time I heard it was the first drive home from Lubbock last summer when the dam broke open to a floodgate, I could have watered all the crops from Lubbock to Munday...anyways as I was listening to it tonight it made me think of you in this valley, and how HE is carrying you every step of the way...I just know the time is near that your sweetheart is coming back to you in full form, today was another awesome stepping stone, you lit up every time you told the story! Your faith is solid in this storm, keep focused on the beautiful rainbow that follows the storm...the answer to everyone's prayers...Rick is completely healed and your family is together intact sitting on the back porch together...

    loved the devotional today, thought of you when i read mine this morning...gave me goosebumps! oh ya, song #8 on playlist "He will Carry me"

  7. Oh WOW!! I am so happy for you Crystal. You are so strong. Every time I read your blogs I am just speechless at how amazing you are. You have stayed faithful and strong throughout this whole journey and i know your payoff is on its way!! Rick, Riley, and Cade are so lucky to have you for a wife and a mother. Your faith is so obvious and powerful. Just wanted you to know yall are still in our thoughts and prayers everyday. You don't know how much it means that you take time after what i am sure is a super long, draining day to update us on Ricks progress. Thank you so much for that!! Hang in there girl!! Keep your head up! Your amazing. I hope Cade got over his throat stuff ok. Tell him I think about him often and can't wait till i get to see that smiling little face. Tell him hello for me. Tell Riley Riggin says hi and hopes she is doing ok!! I know tomorrow will be another wonderful day for you guys!! God is so GOOD!!
    We love yall,
    Justin, Kelly, Riggin, and Journey

  8. I am so happy to hear your great news, and I know Courtney will be happy to hear it when I tell her tomorrow. She asked me the other day why God lets bad things happen to good people as we were reading the blog. At first I was a little speechless, but then I told her that He gives us these things in life to help us be stronger people. I think this journey with Rick's accident has strengthened the faith of many people, and I pray that once this ordeal is over we will continue to walk with Him in every aspect of our lives. Praise God for all He has done!

  9. OMG, I just want to run out of my office and shout to the world, but I can't stop crying!!
    We are thrilled!! When this is over I will get all of us a shot glass, not just Cade!! lol We could probably include Aunt Sherry too, she will need it after all of her nursing is done.
    We Love ya'll

  10. Crystal, Just wanted you to know you, Rick, Riley and Cade are in our prayers. Each morning I check out to see how Rick is doing, and see the Lord working miracles. It is so inspiring to see the strength and faith you have each day. God is in control!!! We love all of you.
    Gordon and Tanya

  11. That is great news! He is in my prayers.

  12. Crystal
    I know you were about to bust a seam when Rick focused on you. That is one step closer to him waking up. You will be sitting on that back porch with Rick. Riley and Cade (and Cade's cat) before you know it. Each day is a new beginning and each day is one step closer to Rick waking up and wondering what all the fuss is about! Take care of yourself and know how much you are loved and that the prayers continue for you and your family.


  13. Ohhh my goodness....I am speechless as I type this. Tears are just a flowing...I can't imagine the look on your face when he gave you that look!! PRAISE GOD!! Crystal, you are the best example of a wonderful Godly wife and Rick is so happy to have you as his wife and what an example of a mother you are to Cade & Riley in showing them how to stand by your sickness and health!! Thank you so much for keeping us informed daily. We are sending our loving thoughts, strength and prayers for your whole family daily.
    Heath, Tracey, Hayden, Kelsey & Andrew

  14. Oh Crystal what a glorious day! After I read your post today, I started cleaning house. I took a break, one of many, and on TV was a family going through similar circumstances. They were talking about how faith pulled them through and mentioned a verse they recited every day, Psalms 40. I got my Bible and read what it had to say,I was so lifted. I wanted to pass this on to you. I know that with the strength and faithfulness you and all of the many friends and family have there will be even more miracles to come. We love and pray for y'all.
    Tanya & Gordon

  15. God Bless Rick and his family. Heal his body if it be your will and comfort him and continue with his healing. We know you can perform miracles and all things are possible with you. We want to have Rick back and hear his laughter and his wife, kids family and friends need him. We are thankful for the progress he has made and we know this is you working in his life. In Christ, AMEN

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