Monday, January 4, 2010


The move to TLC went off without a hitch. Rick did get a little nauseated, but never threw up. He had a good day with evaluations going on from PT, OT, & ST. He ate lunch with his ST while I filled out paperwork. When I went in to check on him, he was really mad. I asked what was wrong and the ST said, "Elijah took his plate, and he wasn't finished yet." So, I tell Rick it's okay, and he'll get another burger and I thought he was going to be okay, but then Elijah walked in. Rick's brake on his wheelchair wasn't on, and he started propelling himself towards Elijah. He was pointing his finger and hollering at him...I couldn't make out what he was saying except for 2 words...and they weren't nice! I had to put his brake on his chair so he would quit getting after him and then had to calm him down. I guess he was hungry 'cuz it took 10 minutes to divert his attention! And what a small world it is...Rick's OT is a boy from Vernon named Daniel Dean...he's around the same age as Lane Kieschnick. Rick did very well in all his evals...esp considering he was nauseas and po'd! They assign levels to each patient concerning level of supervision by the TA's (therapy assistance). Rick is a level 3 which means the TA has to be within arms reach of him both day and night. That means a TA will be sitting in Rick's room overnight...that was such a huge relief to me. TLC will take 2 weeks to eval him and then let me know how long they believe he will need to be there. Also, they require a list of visitors...if your not on the list, you can't get in. I almost started laughing when she said I had to write down the names of everyone who might visit...I told her that was impossible. So, since I will be there most of the time, they will call me for approval, but if you know your going to visit, let me know and I'll make sure your name is on the list.

I'm staying with Lyssa Elliott and Laura Bratton now. They live about 15 minutes from TLC. Lyssa called me months ago and offered they're home when we came to Lubbock. Just another of example of God sending you the people you need when you need them.

My first impression of TLC is way better than Pate was, and I hope that it continues to be that way...there's no office to push him into and leave him!

Keep's working!



  1. Crystal,
    I am so glad the move went well! It sounds like a great place and I hope it will be a great fit for Rick and you!! I am hoping to make it to Lubbock to visit family this month, so I want to come visit. I will let you know when I'll be in town. I'm continuing to pray for you and I'm always sharing Rick's progress with everyone here at TSH. Everyone is always wanting to see pictures of Rick.. so post some more!! :)

    God Bless!!

  2. Amazing news!! I am so grateful for the updates & I will let mom read them asap. She wants to come see you so badly, I think I will just have to make it a point to bring her. Lyssa is such an amazing friend and I'm glad you're with her and Laura. I will continue to lift you, Rick and your family up in prayer. We love you and can't wait for you to be home together with your kids. Love you & God's blessings to you all, Jennifer & Family

  3. Hey Crystal--
    I'm so glad to read every day that things continue to get better. Now that deer season is over I'm hoping Bob and I can make it to Lubbock to come and see ya'll. I know Lyssa and Laura will take good care of ya...they're so much fun. We're still keeping ya'll in our prayers and believing for Rick's TOTAL healing!
    Hope this is the HAPPIEST of years ever for you and Rick. Tell him Howdy for Wendybob!

    LOVE YA, Bob and Wendy

  4. Crystal,
    Hope all is well, sounds like things are still going y'all's way. We pray TLC will make everything work to the best of their ability.
    God Bless America, later, Rick