Monday, January 18, 2010

DAY 211

The kids got to go to some therapy sessions this morning with Rick. In theraputic recreation, we played a board game together, and I thought it was very thoughtful of Sarah to think of an activity we could do as a family. Adam (my brother) got here and we went to lunch at 11:00 to give Rick some one on one time with his ST. At lunch Chance and Terri O'Neal came by and Rick was glad to see them. Chance was able to get a big smile out of Rick talking about the Ft Worth Ranch Rodeo and Horse Show in 2007...let's just say Rick lined out the guard at the Burnett entrance to the grounds and noone from the 6666's had another problem out of him! Tongue River had some tough luck this year at the ranch rodeo, but there's always next year...time for a little break from the ranch rodeo circuit anyway. Glad everyone made it home in one piece.

While Rick stood in the standing frame I showed him another e-mail from Brenda...again "People of Wal-mart" and there was one picture that I thought, "here it is...he's gonna laugh", but it was just a lot of air...he was laughing alright, just couldn't hear it. But, he got everyone in the gym's attention "laughing so hard". BTW, Brenda, it's the one about the dandelions and tulips!

Adam and the kids left at was hard to say goodbye, but it is not near as hard as it was when we were at Pate. Rick had his team meeting this afternoon. Each therapist went over their evaluations of Rick, and everyone had great things to say about him, and all the potential they see in him. They did not give me an estimated discharge date...said it all depends on Rick. I actually like that and just like I've learned, every head injury is different and no 2 people will have the same prognosis or outcome. Everyone also said they could tell he is a hard worker and he's always willing to work. He tends to lose his focus after about 30 minutes but can be easily redirected. He needs to build his strength and endurance. I believe it will happen, it's just a matter of time.

It's 7:15 and Rick is in bed asleep. I'm going to leave don't get a whole lot of sleep when you sleep in a queen size bed with Riley and Cade!

Love you all,


  1. Rick and Crystal! We are so happy to hear all the progress that is being made. The boys continue to ask about Rick and are more than ready to visit. Broc really wanted Cade to be here for his party, but I had to explain that it was very important that he be with you when he can. All the boys are ready for another Cade visit soon too.
    After Devin hung up the phone with you telling the story about Rick and his "serious moment" the boys have now added that to their vocabulary! It is just another way we keep you in our thoughts...Ha!
    Devin will be coming this week. Wish I could come too, but that will have to be another time. Meanwhile, Rick keep making us proud! We love you!

  2. Crystal,
    It's always good to hear any "good news."
    It is so easy to be negative, it always helps build my faith every time you give us good news. Let's just hope and pray ol' Rick keeps it up and he is going to!! Glad you two had the children and had the opportunity to spend some quality time with them. God only knows how tough this has been on them. God Bless you all, later, Rick