Monday, January 25, 2010

DAY 217 & 218

So many people were moved by my post on Saturday. I can tell you it was an awesome experience. Sometimes God answers your prayers in the neatest ways. I was only praying to make it through the meal without any major problems, and not only did He make that happen, He made sure that we saw Him...His timing was perfect. I wanted to make it out of Cracker Barrel without crying from fear. I left crying from the kindness shown that was overwhelming...who knew Jesus would be hanging out at the Cracker Barrel? Cade said, "Mama, are those happy tears or sad tears?" Happy, Cade...happy.

The kids left yesterday and even though it's not as hard to say goodbye as it used to be, it's still not easy. We had a visit at lunch today from the Shipps...Doris Ann, Jeff and Coley. If you haven't seen Coley in awhile you will be shocked...he has to be 6 foot at least, and he brought a bag of candy which Rick was happy to see.

Therapy was pretty average today. His mobility and sitting balance are really getting good. We'll probably make another adjustment to the baclofen pump. But we'll go up in smaller increments than we did the last time. There are 2 other patients and 1 therapist here that have baclofen pumps. They are very interesting to talk to.

Looking forward to another great week...hope you have one, too.



  1. Crystal,
    It is my personal belief that countless thousands, maybe millions, have never come to the realization that yes, Jesus will, does, show up everywhere, expressly when invited or uninvited. He is much easier to recognize when invited and he doesn't force himself into the crowd, usually, when uninvited. Wonderful lesson, miracle-happenstance, no, God's plan!
    Let's pray and agree, ok? Father we come before you with praise and thanksgiving, Father we confess our sins and faults to you and thank you for your forgiveness, Father we repent of our sins and thank you for deliverance from sin. Father we thank you for all you have done for Rick and Crystal and all the family. Father I thank you for a supernatural miracle for Rick, In the name of Jesus I pray that Rick be healed from head to toe and his health be restored completely. Father we are so thankful for Rick's healing so far and we thank you in advance for his continued healing. Father we thank you for a special blessing for everyone who has supported this family in any way. Father thank you for all you have done, in Jesus name we pray. and all of God's children said amen and amen
    God Bless America and all of those in authority,-=-=-=-=-=-=-+_+_+_+_later, Rick

  2. Crystal,
    We were so touched by your post about the trip to the Cracker Barrel that we shared it in Sunday School at Guthrie. Hope you don't mind. Thanks for your continued inspiration.
    Ann & Cliff