Friday, January 8, 2010

DAY 200 & 201

We had a great week @ TLC. This morning we got the baclofen pump refilled and it was a really simple process. After sterlizing the area, the nurse put the template over the pump to line up the "soft spot". The medicine that was left in the pump was discarded because it's not good to mix the old meds with the new meds. Then 40 cc of baclofen was put in, the pump recalibrated and that was that. I bet we were done in 10 minutes, but we missed most of morning therapy. On Friday afternoons half of the patients go on an outing and the other half stay in and have an "inning". Today we had an "inning" and the patients split into groups and had a "bake off". So, that means we spent 2 hours in the kitchen making oreo truffles. Next Friday we will get to go on an outing. We ended the day with a community meeting. The patients and therapists meet and get to brag on accomplishments of the week. Then they ask questions like, "if you could live anywhere where would it be?" When I asked Rick this question he said, "with you". I'm not sure if he thinks sucking up will get him out of all of this work, but he's sure giving it a good try! Sy and Kristi Olson came by to see us today. Rick smiled when he saw Kristi's baby bump. He showered and fell asleep at 7:30...he's tired, but it's a good tired.

The kids aren't getting to come this weekend. They are spending some time tonight with their babysitter, Katy. She took them to her house to mess around then out for supper and fun. Katy keeps my kids and my neices every afternoon and all the kids absolutely love her.

Well, guess I'll stick around here for a little while and then back to L&L's Bed and Breakfast and Supper and Entertainment...can't just call it L&L's Bed and Breakfast 'cuz they always have supper and entertainment, too!

I have a lot of stories about people here at TLC of inspiration, hope and God's work...and I'll be sharing those with y'all as we go. So many good things.

God Bless You All,


  1. Crystal,
    Praise the Lord, we have already won, we just have to keep the faith and keep on keeping on! Hope your Grandmother is doing better! Rick will be better everyday, day by day by day, Praise be unto Jesus for paying for our healing, Glory be to him forevermore!
    I heard someone say the other day, We will win in 2010. I like that phrase, God Bless all, later, Rick

  2. Crystal,
    So glad everything is going better now that you guys are in Lubbock. Still praying.