Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DAY 220

Found out again today what a small world it is. After checking on Rick first thing this morning, I headed to Total Body Collision to have my car looked at. I still haven't gotten the hood latch fixed from December. Anyway, this guy at Total Body Collision is a friend of Laura's. He asks me if we're kin to any Kieschnick's in Vernon and I said...all of them. His name is Jason Strong and he went to Tech with Clint...crazy, huh? The other thing is the new OT here is Jay Hart's daughter-in-law...her name is Nika and she's been working with Rick some and after looking at Rick's pictures she thought we might know Jay and Linda.

Rick's day was good. He got a little upset while I was gone because he needed something, but noone could tell what he was trying to say. I know that's got to be frustrating. He was fine when I got back. In OT he worked on putting on his "cowboy shirt"...the blue wrangler snap shirt. He did really good getting it snapped. In one of the group sessions they played a game called "Buzz Word". The first buzz word was "old" every answer had the word old in it. Rick knew the following ones and the others in the group didn't:
The name of a movie about a boy and his dog-----Old Yellar
The name of the card game where the queen left does not have a match----Old Maid
The name of the geyser at Yellowstone National Park----Old Faithful

I was pretty impressed. He ate supper, had a shower, and is now looking over my shoulder as I type this blog...he's really interested in what I have to say about him. He just now told me to tell y'all that he says, "hi". His friend Dylan that is a patient here, too showed Rick the pink zebra striped socks he was wearing today. Rick looked at him and said, "I wish I had 2 pair of 'em"...and hopefully y'all already know the punch line to that joke!

Well, time to get Rick in bed. Thanks for your continued support and encouragement...please keep praying for Rick.

Rick and Crystal


  1. Crystal,
    How are the knees tonight? Better I hope!
    Glad to hear the good news and the positive reports. They are always uplifting. Tell Rick and all the therapist to keep up the good work, and you too of course. Hope y'all have a great day tomorrow! God Bless America and all of us Americans, (and everybody else)
    later Rick

  2. Devin and Clint were so impressed with Rick's progress! It made me even more jealous that I could not be there too!
    The blog continues to be a bright spot in my morning. Rick is doing so well that I sometimes forget to tell Devin everything you have written each day. Take care. We love and miss you both.