Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yesterday was a good day for Rick...he was a little tired, but managed to get through the day. It helped that his cousins from California stopped by to see him and root him on. Sean, Andrea, and Andrew stayed most of the day and got to see him do a few things. He was walking with a new walker and new shoes yesterday, so his steps were not as good as they have been. Andrew and Cade were recruited to help with Jared's PT. Jared is a 17 year old boy from Slaton that was involved in a car wreck a month before Rick's accident. He absolutely loves baseball, so yesterday his PT had Andrew and Cade play baseball with Jared. They all had fun and Jared had a big ole' smile on his face the whole time.

Today did not start out so hot. Rick was given his PT's heck when I got here. He wouldn't do the tests he needed to do to finish his PT eval. I couldn't even talk him into it. So finally I just told him I was going to leave if he wasn't going to cooperate, so he finally finished his eval, but he wasn't happy about it. He had a good OT session with some great stretching in his left shoulder. He had pool group this afternoon, and threw up on the way to the pool. It was such a mess...I was cleaning him up in the middle of 20th street. Anyway, finally got through that, and he actually had a really good pool session. Kelly had him running as fast as he could (which ain't setting no records), but he was moving so good. Then we finished the day by saddling a barrel and Rick getting on and roping. It was really good. I hardly helped him get the saddle cinched up...he was moving his hands soooo good and did it all by himself. Then he threw his rope at the dummy...I put it around the horns, and he jerked his slack and dallied. So, we saved the day, but this morning I was seriously thinking this day was going to be shot. Joanna Elliott came by after supper and visited for a while. She got engaged on July 4th. So, Rick was shaking her hand and I said, "Do you remember what just happened to Jo?" And he took her hand and looked down at it looking for the ring. So, he rememembered...that is so awesome!

Still needing prayers for Blake Brazil. His intercranial pressure has been up too high today. Please pray for the pressure to come down and for him to stabilize. And for God's grace and peace to surround the family.

Tonight we are doubling the sleeping meds for Rick...this has GOT to work!

To the King that rules forever, who will never die, who cannot be seen, the only God, be honor and glory forever & ever. 1Timothy 1:17


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  1. Praying for all of you!! Just know some days are good and some days are slow...Maybe Rick just needs a slow day!!! If God brings you to it...He will pull you through It!! Hang on are his strength and we are all behind you all!! Keep the faith...Words are sometime not enought but just close your eyes and feel this hugh hug!!!! Love Ya!! So Proud of You!!! You are my inspiration to humanity!!! Got to Love Ya!!! Genice