Saturday, July 24, 2010

The doctor's appointment yesterday went good. The kidneys and bladder both look good. He didn't really have an explantion for the blood and wants to follow up in 3 months. Laura and Kelley watched him walk in his socked feet again, and decided he had more tone than they originally thought. Laura felt like a bump in the baclofen pum was needed. Luckily we got a hold of Dr. Wolcott's nurse to come increase it before she left on vacation. Dr. W took all of his staff and their families to Cancun! Riley said, "when I grow up, I wanna work for Dr. Wolcott!" So, hopefully we'll see some more improvement in his tone. We also found out yesterday that his break will be more like 2 months instead of 1. It has to do with the DARS money and the timing of how it is released. We have plans of doing some outpatient therapy at North Texas Rehab in Wichita Falls. We will be staying with my parents in Seymour during the break and will be looking for a place of our own.

Rick got to ride again this morning at Hold Your Horses. He looked so good. His balance was fabulous and he rode even better than he did last time, but he was tired after 15 minutes. We got back to TLC and he ate lunch and laid down for a nap. The kids and I went to finish up some school shopping. They each picked out a new pair of shoes and was toting them around while we continued to shop in the mall. We went into Icing, and they made the mistake of putting their bags down and before we knew it, they had been stolen. I was so mad. I mean, you know how it's not that I had spent a whole lot of money, but it had taken us 2 hours to find those shoes. And, I had told the kids to keep up with their stuff. I just couldn't believe someone would do that. Well, lucky for us there are more good people than bad. As many of you know, Heather Winn has a shop in the Lubbock mall which we stopped by after reporting the bags missing. Brooke was there and asked if Riley could stay. The next thing I know, Riley is calling telling me that Heather has replaced our shoes! Thank you, Heather you too kind.

It looks like Wednesday will be a full day of therapy with our discharge meeting scheduled for 4 o'clock. Looking forward to getting to Seymour and going nowhere for awhile!


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  1. Crystal,
    This isn't exactly scriptural, but it takes all kinds of folks to make the world go around. Let's pray and agree, Father we come before you with praise and thanksgiving and Father we thank you that all good things come from you. Father we pray for the person that took Riley's and Cade's shoes and Lord if they need them for their children I pray that you will send them someone to help them financially. But Lord, if they stole those shoes just to be stealing, I pray for someone who has spitefully used and taken advantage of these children. Father I pray that you send the convicting power of the Holy Spirit to them and that it would be like heaping coals upon their head. Father we thank you for all the healing you have done in Rick and the Brazil boy and we thank you in advance for finishing the work in both of them. Father send your angels ahead of the Kieschnicks to make their way easier in preparation for this transition. Keep them all safe, healthy, and happy! In Jesus name we pray, Amen and Amen, and Lord bless all of those in authority around the world and watchover all of us!!!
    later, in His love, rick