Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We had a lot going on today. First of all, this morning Rick tried out a Dynavox communication device. This is a small computer with speakers that will help him with his communication. The rep had to do a quick 5 minute assessment to see if Rick could actually use the device. When he was done testing he said that Rick tested in the top 10% of clients that he sees and he was very excited about getting Rick the Dynavox. Studies have shown that these devices either help improve natural voice/communication or have no affect on it. In other words, it's not meant to replace speech, just make it easier for Rick to communicate, especially with people who aren't as familiar with him. The Dynavox is a $7500 machine, that we can receive free of charge from a grant. The STAP grant is funded by all those annoying fees we pay on our telephone bills, but never quite no for sure why we're being charged we do! The grant process and ordering of the Dynavox takes about 6 weeks. Rick really likes that you can customize the buttons and said that he would definitely need a button that says, "Go get me a beer!" Ha! He did lots of walking in both PT sessions and climbed the stairs. He had 2 additional speech sessions today as well. At the end of the day, Missy, the case manager found me. She said that in morning rounds, everyone agreed that Rick needs a break. So, on July 30th, he gets a MONTH long break! Can you believe it? He was pretty happy when I told him. So, we will spend the month of August in Seymour, and then back to TLC to finish up. While on his break, I plan on having him see a PT, OT, and ST, but just a couple of hours a day...nothing too strenuous.

God continues to answer prayers. I've been so worried about Rick's attitude, and just knowing him like I do, I can see him going down hill. I prayed for a break...and look what we got! What a blessing! Praise the Lord!



  1. Crystal,
    I hope you read and agreed with the prayer I prayed last night. The best week yet! Thank you Jesus for all of the answered prayers. Praise His Name Forever and Ever!!! God Bless You All, later Rick

  2. Crystal,
    I am excited about Rick getting a Dynovox! Our Brittany had one for a while, then I worked with a student at school that had one (he got his from the phone fees, also). Both times they were very helpful and actually fun to program with different pictures and sayings. It helped improve speech just by repeating what the computer said.
    Glad also about your up coming break. That gives y'all something big to anticipate.
    Ann & Cliff

  3. I have always believed that home is where the heart is!! And if that mean's Rick need's to come home and find his family again...hey we are so excited for him and all of you!! Might just be the best medicine anyone could give him...Kid's there, laughing and joking and you making everything right!!! Love all of you!! Praying for the best and tell Rick..."Cowboy Up...from Brent Roberts"!!!