Saturday, June 5, 2010

DAY 347 & 348

My grandmother, Mildred Smajstrla, died early this morning. She was a tough lady. She survived breast cancer, heart trouble, 2 strokes and a brain injury...oh, and raised 9 kids; Jimmy, Richard, Robert John, Sandy, Trishi, Phyllis, Diane and Margaret and her firstborn, Linda, who has been waiting for her in heaven. She wrote the book on patience. She got to meet her Lord and Savior this morning. Her pain, fears, and worries have vanished, and she has the answers to all the questions she ever had. In the book 90 minutes in Heaven, the author explains his experience:

As I try to explain this my words seem weak and hardly adequate, because I have to use earthly terms to refer to unimaginable joy, excitement, warmth, and total happiness. In another part he says this, Never, even in my happiest moments had I ever felt so alive.

Sounds good to me! Actually makes me a little jealous! Her funeral is on Tuesday @ 10 am.

As for Rick, well, not much worth mentioning today. The A/C is acting up today and it's 104 here today, but it's not really bothering Rick too bad. One of the funny things about him since his brain injury is that his body temp is stays about 97.1 instead of 98.6...guess that'll be an advantage in the summer. Yesterday he got a visit from Gerald Frank and they reminisced about power plant days. Gerald said, "Rick, I'm sorry I haven't been by here sooner, but I've been covered up." Rick smiled and said, "What's her name?" LOL! Toby Clark also came by with his two boys who hit it off with Cade and Rick enjoyed some stories from Toby. Especially the one about Billy Bob Bumpass and him getting pulled over by the highway patrol back when they worked for Waggoners. The officer asked Billy Bob for his license and said, "you're Bill Bob....what's this last name?" And BB says, "Bumpass" And the officer says how do you spell your name?" And BB says "B-O-B...same forwards as it is backwards." Rick got a really good laugh out of that one!

Thanks again to everyone who continues to pray and support us. God is faithful and will see us through this.

He was afraid and said, "How awesome is this place? This is none other than the house of God; this is the gate of heaven. Genesis 28:17



  1. You and your family are in our prayers! God Bless you all.

  2. Crystal,
    Like anyone in this earthly body, I am sorry for the loss of your grandmother, however, being the christian person that I try to be, Praise God for a christian grandmother. God Bless you and all of your family during this time in your lives, I pray that God will comfort you, keep you, and continue to bless you, in the Name of Jesus, later, Rick

  3. Crystal,

    I know you will miss your grandmother here, but knowing she is with Jesus, and you will see her again is always such a comfort. How in the world does anyone make it from one day to the next without believing? And how can they face eternity?
    I am glad we are sure of the most important truth of all time!

    Ann & Cliff