Thursday, June 3, 2010

DAY 346

I got about 50% of the house packed up yesterday and dropped Riley off at Autumn's in Roaring Springs on the way back to Lubbock. Cade was extremely happy that he "got rid of my sister". Rick had a pretty good day in therapy yesterday, but expressed to Missy (social worker) that he wants another day pass. He also told her how tired and frustrated he continues to be. She did figure out that the night shift has been turning him every two hours. When she called to tell me that, I couldn't believe wonder he's tired. So, they have been told not to turn him at all and hopefully this will improve his energy and mood level.

Today Cade and I got here at 9:00. When it was time for theraputic recreation, I got his cinch building stuff out of the car and brought it up. He used his hands and his voice very well to teach Sarah and I how to build a cinch. He didn't get very far today, but hopefully this will be something he looks forward to. Cade and I left at 1:00...I can only keep him cooped up for so long, and ran some errands then went to the park.

The funny thing about Rick is that he's frustrated and doesn't always see the progress he's made, yet he goes to therapy every day and puts forth his best effort. His awareness increasing is a double edged sword. I give him pep talks every day and let him know that I still think he's the strongest man I've ever known, and that God has a plan for him...a plan for good, not for bad.

Good night and God Bless,


  1. Crystal,

    I could not believe this... waking Rick up every two hours at night! That would make anyone exhausted. So glad Missy, the social worker, delved in to find this out. No telling what Rick will do with a good nights sleep!
    We can't wait to read next week's posts!

    Ann & Cliff

  2. Wow. In my my devotional today I read about how not to get discouraged and to reflect and seek "God's touch" during the day. After reading that I remembered right after Rick's accident how I was so frustrated that more progress wasn't being made and answers to questions were not definitive. It has been almost a year now since then, now I look at all those "touches by God" him beginning to open his eyes, or squeezing someone's hand, the medical staff praying over him, strangers praying for you...the list goes on and on. You may never know the full extent that you all have made on the lives of others, but you have made many. Think of all the people who have prayed for you, visited, given what ever they could for you and your family. And look at how far Rick has come. I know he doesn't remember, but maybe this is a good time to take him back through the blog. He has come so far and he has done that through God's touch. Yes, he is meant to do great things; and he has and will continue to do so. We love you and continue to cheer you on, Rick! Look for God's touch today.

  3. Crystal,
    You are right, God has a "good" plan, He is God, he doesn't make bad plans. He may make plans that we don't readily understand, but not bad plans. I am always amazed that every week Rick has made strides toward doing better.
    I have every confidence that he will continue to do so, in the Name of Jesus! God Bless you all, later, Rick