Friday, February 5, 2010


On days like today, I feel like running outside and shouting, "Oh, what a beautiful day!!!!" at the top of my lungs. 2, it truly was beautiful weather, and two, Rick had a fantastic day. I believe he has grabbed another gear, turned the page, is playing on another level. It's funny how it happens...slowly, but then all of the sudden you recognize that he's doing everything better. I guess the biggest difference would be in his initiation. Remember, that used to be my least favorite word, but not anymore. Today in PT he was laying on his left side, rolled to his back, onto his right side, SAT UP, and then started scooting down to the end of the mat where his wheelchair was parked, scooted into his wheelchair and got himself situated, and then buckled his seatbelt! Allelujiah! And the only thing that was said was, "all right, Rick, we're done, time to get back in your chair." Used to, you would have to tell him everything to do and then probably put your hands on him to help him physically as well. Can you believe?!! I was so thrilled by it. His voicing in ST was so good, that Meredith is taking a couple of the old words off his curriculum and replacing them with harder words. Since it was Friday, it was our afternoon for an "inning". We stayed here and I was so excited that we were going outside to play frisbee golf. Rick hasn't been outside for any significant amount of time in a month. Unfortunately, after being outside for about 15 minutes, he threw up and we had to come back in. He took a nap, ate supper and says he feels fine now, so I'm not sure what got into him.

Back to the "Oh What A Beautiful Day!!!" Rick used to holler this out in public Wal-mart to embarrass me. I'll never forget the first time he did it. We were just dating and lived in Stephenville. We walked out of Wal-mart and Rick the top of his lungs..."Oh What A beautiful day!" And then giggles and giggles and giggles. I didn't know what to think, but it was really embarrassing. Once he figured that out, he'd do it all the time. I reminded him of that today, and he smiled...he remembers.

Well, my children are about to be in Lubbock. My dad took them to Paducah to meet Jori Parks, that's Laura's sister, and she brought them to Lubbock and is spending the weekend at L&L's Bed & Breakfast & Supper and Entertainment...with both Jori and Laura in the house, there will be no lack for entertainment! Rick just showered, brushed his teeth and is tucked into bed...and he hollers at me in a loud whisper, "Hey, I need some chocolate"...I cannot deny the man his chocolate.

God Bless,


  1. Crystal,
    That's a cute story, I can't help but laugh to myself thinking about it. Sooooo glad to hear the good news, the progress, being a little better here and a little better there!
    Thank you Jesus, we'll give you the praise and the glory forever. God Bless all of you, hope you have a great weekend and we'' talk again later. _+_+_+_+_+_+_+ later, Rick

  2. I knew I always loved Rick- It is because he loves chocolate!! Wow!!God is listening to all the prayers being said for Rick and you! I loved the story! Love ya, Aunt Sherry
    PS Lady Panthers 10-0 District champs
    PSS Kristi Sullivan told me to tell you she continues to pray for yall daily!!

  3. I can just see Rick yelling "Oh what a beautiful Day" and then I can hear those wonderful giggles. Tell him I love him and am so proud of progress he is making. Also Crystal, thank you for being such a wonderful wife to Rick and a great Mom too. Love you