Saturday, February 20, 2010

DAY 243 & 244

We made it to the Guthrie game a little late, but in time to see the girls win, and visit with everyone. Rick had a great day yesterday and for the outing we went over to the park. I pushed him in his wheelchair over...probably 6 blocks, and when we got there he had his choice of playing basketball, ladder ball, washers, horseshoes, croquet, or baseball. He chose basketball. He made some great attempts at shooting and even tried to dribble the ball beside his chair. Then he played ladder ball and Laura (PT) helped him stand to do most of the throwing. On the way back he wanted to ride in the suburban instead of being pushed. So, Laura was trying to explain to him the proper way he should get in the suburban which is stand and turn and sit first, then pull your feet in. But Rick didn't want to do it that way...he stood, grabbed the handle inside, stepped in and sat down...and then turned and looked at us like, "that's how you do it!" He was pretty tuckered out after 2 hours in the park, but I think being outside did him a world of good. This morning he did not want to go to the pancake festival...he didn't want pancakes, he wanted a breakfast burrito instead, so we went and got burritos and watched Rooster Cogburn. It has the best quote at the end of the movie...Katherine Hepburn tells John Wayne, "you're a credit to the whole male sex, and I'm proud to have ya for my friend"...that's how I feel about Rick. Then he took a nap and has been pretty lazy today.

We have so many things to be thankful for. Mainly Rick's steady long as he progresses then we're good. Thanks again to everyone who has supported us. It was great to see all the Guthrie folks at the ball game. Whenever I tell Rick, "so and so says hi and that they love you" or "so and so is praying for you"...he always looks at me and says "really?" And I'm like "REALLY, Rick everyone loves you." God continues to show his grace, mercy and love for Rick as well...and for that, I'm most thankful.

Good night,


  1. Crystal,
    AMEN, it is a wonderful situation that one should be most thankful! I will be glad when Rick is healed to a point of really being able to realize the magnitude of this whole situation. And I have every confidence that is on the way. Without further ado, I have a request, a friend who will start treatment for bone cancer Tuesday. I am not at liberty to announce the name of this person, however, please pray prayers of healing for this individual. I know that they and their family would be most appreciative. Just pray for Rick's friend with cancer, I can assure you God on high knows them well. God Bless Us All, Amen,
    later, with the love of the Lord, Rick

  2. Crystal and Rick,
    It sounds like Rick is getting in shape to take you on the basketball court, Crystal. That will be quite a task; one which Devin would not want to relive again, ha!
    I agree with the quote from the movie! That sums Rick up quite well.
    We love and miss you both. You both continue to amaze us each and every day!
    Love, Sandra