Sunday, February 28, 2010

DAY 252

So sad to read Rick VanDiver's comment from yesterday. But, what y'all may not know is that I've fought negativity and faithlessness from others from the very beginning of this journey. Luckily, I had enough positive support and energy around me that I was able to ignore it then, and I will do just the same now. Rick IS making progress...just ask anyone who has been to see him...ask his kids, they are very forthcoming children and will tell you exactly how their daddy is doing. The fact is, it doesn't matter...God is in control and He will heal Rick. Thanks Rick V for always saying positive things and reminding others that they should do the same. And thanks to everyone who continues to support us...I still recieve letters and messages from perfect strangers being the hands and feet of Christ.

My Aunt and Uncle, Tricia and TJ came to see us today. Rick was glad to see them and was able to turn his voice on and talk a little bit. Tricia and TJ were able to take the kids back to Seymour for me after a stop in Post to watch Shad Wayne play b-ball against the Harlem Ambassadors...Melyssa Elliott was playing, too and Lyssa said it was a fun game. Rick mainly took it easy today, resting up for an awesome week to come.

For let him who wants to enjoy life and see good days (good-whether apparent or not) keep his tongue free from evil and his lips from guile (treachery, deceit). 1 Peter 3:10 The following is Joyce Meyers' Life Point regarding this verse: If we want to enjoy life, which is possible even when there is no apparent reason for us to enjoy life, we must keep our tongues free from evil. If we speak positively and keep the truth of God's Word on our lips, we will have joy even in the midst of difficulties.

God Bless and Good night!



  1. Crystal, I praise God that you are the strong, couragous and positive person you are. Without your attitude, Rick's healing would be a much slower process. God is in control and has the perfect plan in place for Rick, you, Riley and Cade. I know I do not need to tell you that, because you already know it, but I am praying and do believe Rick will have complete healing in GOD'S time. Blessings to you all. ~ Love, The Rainers

  2. Crystal,
    Thanks so much for your comment! I am sure you have had to deal with an inordinate amount of "negativity" and yes, I will, with a positive attitude, believe, with you and many others, that Rick will be made whole in the Name of Jesus. The scripture says that God's word is true and let every man be a liar, in so many words. Jesus is the truth, the light, and the way! Always, end of discussion!!!
    Let's pray and agree, Father we come before you with praise and thanksgiving and Father we thank you for your continued work in Rick. Father we pray and agree that all negative comments will fall straight to the ground and will not deter God's faithfullness to his own word. We praise you and thank you for the healing that Jesus provided for us. We thank you for continued healing for Rick and strength for Crystal and the children and peace and safety for all of them. In Jesus name we pray, and all of God.s children said amen and amen. Crystal keep up the good work and tell everyone there how much "we" appreciate their good work! God Bless us all,
    later, with the love of the Lord, Rick

  3. Thank you Rick V. for your comments on being positive as well! I can not begin to tell you how many times we have had to undo the negativity that a person has caused. My husband and nephew went to see Rick not long ago. My husband came back to tell me that he would not be surprised if Rick was back to walking and talking like before in 6 months! He is not one to be overly positive nor pessimistic. He tells it like he sees it. His nephew also had high praise for Rick's progress. I have learned to only listen to what Crystal has to say or Kim Graf, who holds nothing back. She and her husband were also very pleased with Rick's progress the last time they were there. All his progress is a result of Rick's faith and determination and of course through the strength of family and friends who have never ever given up on him and know what kind of Christian he is.
    Keep up the great progress, Rick! We love you and know that you will be back 100%!!!!
    Devin, Sandra, and the boys

  4. All one has to do is look in his eyes! Even the picture on your blog (at the top) shows that he's in there! He may not yet be able to make his body do exactly what he wants (emphasis on YET!), but I will attest to the progress he's made and is making! Go RICK!!! Show 'em how powerful God is!!