Wednesday, March 24, 2010

DAY 275 & 276

I have a perfectly good reason for not posting last night...I ran off to Seymour to see my kids! Rick was having a really good day, so I thought I'd better take advantage of it and go watch Riley play b-ball. He was out of his chair, on his feet for about 3 hours yesterday. Laura had him balance against the wall and do all kinds of exercises like wall squats and marching, etc. I stretched him out after lunch for his PT homework, and he was actually able to lay on his stomach for 6 minutes...that is a record for him! I surprised the kids and got to my sisters about 5:30...they had no idea I was coming. The ballgame was fun and it was great to see everybody and watch Miss Riley play. I dropped the kids off at school this morning and headed for King County. I dropped by the 6666's mare barn first and visited for a great to see my friends there. Then stopped by the Supply house and had a great visit with Louise of her sons had a brain injury years ago and she has so much good advice, and faith. Then on to Tongue River. Lucky for me it was lunch time, and I timed it perfectly! Had a great lunch and great visit with everyone out there. I went to the house (2nd time in 9 months) and it's hard to see our stuff there. Rick requested his wedding ring, his watch and his boots. I was able to get them, except the's not a Timex, it didn't take a lickin' and keep on tickin', so I 'll just get him another one. He was eating supper when I got back and was doing really good.

We got the best package in the world from a group of 4th graders in Monahans, TX today. Kristen Ray's 4th graders made cards for Rick and they were so sweet. I was reading them with a smile and tears at the same time. These kids are reading the blog and had some of the most encouraging words I've heard in a long time. Keep praying kiddos, and remember that praying is not like ordering at McDonalds. You can't place your order and then pull up to the 2nd window and have your prayer answered just like that. So, always pray big prayers to our big God and keep praying until you get an answer...sometimes you pray for a Big Mac and you get chicken nuggets instead, but it's what God knows is best for you. Love you guys...thank you so much!



  1. Crystal,
    That's great, so glad to hear your good news and Rick's. I'm sure you enjoyed the "visits" with everyone and the time with the children, too! It's always good to hear any thing when you are upbeat and things are going well. God Bless All and tell Rick to keep up the work. He is being healed in the Name of Jesus! later, Rick

  2. Crystal, I love your comparison to McDonald's! And I will have to remember that for my own kids. You continue to be such an inspiration each and every blog! Love you both!

  3. Crystal--

    Again-you do not know me but you are so good with words-your McDonalds comparison is priceless-you should look at writing a christian book or something-your wisdom and words really effect alot of people-I gain so much from reading this daily-and continue to pray for Rick-

  4. Crystal, I continue to pray faithfully for yall!! Hope tomorrow goes well!! I went to Lynette's shower-she received so many beautiful goodies. Riley was there w Pooh and Gigi. Pooh's girls are growing up way too fast!! I was thrilled to see you on Tuesday! Love ya, Aunt Sher