Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DAY 261 & 262

Today was a better day than yesterday, but still not back up to snuff. He had his baclofen pump refilled yesterday, and although it is a quick and easy procedure, it took 2 hours to get that done. He did about 2 hours of therapy, and then had to lay down the rest of the day. Today he managed about 4 hours of therapy and napped the rest of the day...even said not to wake him up for supper. Dr. W decided that since Rick is only having partial seizures, then maybe he doesn't need as big of a dose so, the keppra dose was cut in half today...hopefully we'll see some results tomorrow and he won't be so sedated.

On the 6th day, God created man. When he did this he also created this most wonderful organ we call the brain. The more I find out about what marvelous things the brain can do, the more I know what a marvelous God we have. I've done a lot of research and thought y'all might find some facts interesting. The brain can aquire new nerve cells and connections between nerve cells all throughout our lives. The brain responds to mental stimulation much like muscles respond to physical exercise. A piece of the human brain the size of a grain of sand contains 100,000 neurons and 1 billion synapses, all "talking" to one another. Because God created the brain in this way, it can be renewed & restored to it's fullest. And I believe that Rick will be restored to his fullest.

I just got the most wonderful visit from 2 "strangers". Alfonso and Stepanie are actually friends of Laura's and found out about our situation last week while visiting with Laura. They have been praying for Rick's full restoration, and stopped by tonight to introduce themselves, and said a wonderful prayer with me. When they got ready to leave, Stephanie wrote down their names and number on a sticky know the's been in your purse so long it's a little torn and tattered, but it's all you've got. I noticed something written on the back of it, and it was this verse:

I have called you back from the ends of the earth so you can serve me. For I have chosen you and will not throw you away. Isaiah 41:9.

I said, "oh, there's a verse written here, do you need it?" And she said, "no, someone wrote that down for me and it looks like you need it now." WOW!!! High five to God...I needed that after these last few days have been so hard. Stephanie also believes that God is teaching us perserverance, and I believe she is totally right. So, thank you God for sending Alfonso and Stephanie, I'm going home tonight in much better spirits than I have been in in awhile.

I still BELIEVE!



  1. Crystal,
    What a neat human physiology/health lesson and what a good story about the visitors. Yes, God made something unique when he formed the human body and breathed life into it and ewually amazing is the fact that he made us a mate, because he didn't want man to be alone.
    I believe, very much, in people just coming by to edify, comfort, lift up, and "pray" for people who are in need of these things. God is still on the throne, Jesus is still at his right hand, and the Holy Spirit is still with is, just like Jesus told us with his words in the Bible. Keep up the good work, tomorrow is another day, Rick is on the road to recovery, have you thought about the book anymore? Oh yea, I forgot, I'LL hush. Keep your chin up, God Bless you all, later, in HIS Love, later, Rick

  2. When all else fails!!! He will carry you thru on his shoulder's!! Keeping the Faith!!

  3. God sends angels when we need them the most. We give thanks to all those countless number of angels that have helped Rick, the kids, and you.