Friday, March 19, 2010

DAY 271

A fabulous end to a fabulous week. Rick just had the look today...the "I'm feeling good today" look. This morning he had an Orientation class where they read about St. Patrick's day and then had to answer questions. Rick got all his questions right. In PT he worked on unloading the dishwasher and putting the dishes up. While he was standing up putting the dishes away, Laura (PT) let go of him and he kept his balance for a good little bit. Today being Friday, is outing day. The plan was to go to the Ranching Heritage Center...Rick was very excited to go. When we got there, however, it was closed for Spring Break...makes sense, right...close when folks are looking for something to do. Anyway, we had to improvise, so the therapists decided to go to Legacy Park. Legacy Park is a really neat park. All of the playground equipment is inside a fenced area and everything is made out of wood. It's all forts and has an "old west" feel to it, but works in all the traditional playground equipment. It is also very handicap accessible. Rick started off working with his speech therapist. Then we watched as several patients, and therapists started going down the slide. Meredith said, "there's no reason Rick can't do that." So we wheeled his chair up a couple of ramps, but then he had to climb about 7 steps to get to the top. He stood, and with Laura's help, he climbed the it was nothing, like, "oh ya, I do this everyday." When he got to the top he noticed he had an audience, so he waved to everyone. There were a lot of people now watching him and cheering him on. I am taking pictures and trying not to cry. He sat down, got Cade in his lap, slid down the slide, high fived Cade and kissed him. A couple of the therapists videoed it, and I've got pics to post. This awful weather started blowing in late this afternoon, and it is extremely cold and windy tonight in Lubbock...forecast is for snow tomorrow.

Thanks so much for the continued support...your calls, notes, letters and messages keep me going.



  1. Crystal,

    I have been gone all week and unable to check on ya'll. It was great to get home tonight and catch up on your posts and read all the progress going on. "Two Months" ...... Praying!


  2. That is wonderful! I have tears in my eyes, just picturing it. I know you guys are just as bummed as we are about Spring Break being over. Enjoy the weekend.

    Sunday McAdams

  3. Crystal,
    Sorry to have missed the post and comments, however I have a house in Electra that needs a new owner really bad. My daughter in law and her Mom offered to come and help clean so I have taken advantage of the help. For those of you who read this post and beleive in prayer, I would appreciate you praying for me to sell this house, asap! So glad to hear Rick's progress, hope everyone keeps up the good work.later,Rick OH, I almost forgot that I also got to see the handsomeest grandson in the world!