Friday, March 5, 2010

DAY 256 & 257

The stomach bug has done a number on Rick. We were not been able to get the diarrhea and vomitting stopped yesterday, and around 2:45 he had another seizure. It was a lot like the last time...lasted about 45 seconds, resolved on it's on, and took Rick about 30 minutes to become responsive again. Dr. Wolcott decided to admit him to Trustpoint to push fluids and get the stomach stuff under control. Rick is really wiped out. So far today, he hasn't had any diarrhea or vomitting, and he's done a lot of sleeping. We will probably be here through the weekend. Another EEG was performed yesterday, and indicates that there is "something metabolic going on in the frontal lobes". I haven't really had a chance to talk to Dr. W about the EEG and what exactly that means, but he definetly wants to start Rick on anti-seizure medicine, and is researching which medicine to put him on. The last one we tried, tegratol, was very, very sedating to Rick, so he is looking for something other than that. We got to see a lot of our old friend here at Trustpoint, unfortunatley Rick is not on the rehab floor like before, but he is in acute care.

The other bummer is that we won't get to see the kids this weekend. This bug is the last thing they need, and I don't really think Rick is up for much visiting anyway.

Please keep praying for Rick. I'm not sure why God keeps allowing these hurdles to be put in our path, but we will do whatever it takes to get around them. And, as hard as it is, remember to praise Him even during these hard times.


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  1. Crystal,
    Obviously there is a problem somewhere, like you, the problems that arise never cease to baffle me, too! Just remember ALWAYS, the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but, Praise God, Jesus came that we would have life and have life more abundantly, thank you Jesus!! Glory to God in the highest. These problems are just "speedbumps" on the road of life. Rick is still being healed, in the Name of Jesus. Let's pray and agree, Father we come before you with praise and thanksgiving. Father we pray for continued healing in Rick. Father we ask that you touch his brain, heal whatever is causing the seizures and clear out his body and deliver him from these flu-like symptoms. Father we thank you for a supernatural miracle for Rick, we thank you for complete healing in his body and deliverance from these afflictions in the mighty name of Jesus! in Jesus name we pray, and all of God's children said Amen and Amen
    God Bless America and all of those in authority and all of our armed forces around the world, later, in His Love, Rick