Monday, August 16, 2010

We had a good weekend. Got to see Pollye Moore and her niece Mardi Wisdom on Saturday. Chris Mooney also stopped by Saturday afternoon. On Sunday we went with my dad to check cows. That was a 3 hour trip and Rick was pretty tired afterwards. This morning after breakfast he asked me, "Is today Monday?" And I said, "yes, it's Monday August 16th...somebody's got a b-day coming up." Rick's b-day is Aug 21st, so I was thinking he would say that. But instead he said, "Ya, today is Phillip's b-day." I said, "Are you sure? " And he said, "yes". So, I called Phillip and asked him and sure enough today is Phillip's birthday. Rick even got on the phone and talked to him for a little while. I think that was probably the best b-day present Phillip got today. Today we got a visit from Johnny and Susie Miller. It was so good to see them. After they left, we went to town to support the local DQ. Rick loves a blizzard and I think that's probably one of the best perks to being home. We had a little rodeo action after his shower tonight. Rick was sitting on the shower bench trying to finish drying off, when Cade comes in and starts pestering and picking on him. So, Rick is trying to get him back and he loses his balance and falls right off the shower bench into the tub. It didn't hurt him, but it was pretty uncomfortable. I had to get my dad to help me get him out! Mom said no more bronc riding on the shower bench! He's in bed sound asleep right now and last night slept from 9:30 to 5:30 this morning...pretty impressive.

Most of y'all know by now that Ryan Rankin, north camp cowboy at Tongue River, was hurt on Saturday. He bucked off a two-year old and broke the tranverse process bones on the lower left side of his back. He is going to be okay, but is in a lot of pain. Dr. said he'll be out of commission for 8 weeks...I'm sure Ryan will say something different, and Lacey may have to rope him and tie him to a chair.

Still haven't heard back from NT Rehab so we don't know what Rick's schedule for therapy will be. We will be in Lubbock on Thursday for a baclofen pump refill.

If you want to send Rick a b-day card, send it to 18762 FM 1919 Seymour, TX 76380.



  1. Tell Rick that he may have a Birthday coming up...but he will never be as old as Brent and me!!! lol (Dang...I hate when that happens) Sounds like you guys are doing better at home and our prayer's are still there for all of you. God Bless and Rick I hope you have a GREAT BIRTHDAY..Ole Man lol (but you are such kid at heart..LOVE IT...Cowboy Up and We are right with Ya)

  2. It was so good to see ya'll on Saturday..I just had to cry tears of joy when we left. I'm so proud of our Rick, he is doing so good!! I always have an extra Thank you to God for putting you in Rick's life, Crystal, you are awesome. All of you take care, we will see you soon. Tell the kids sorry I missed them.
    We love you bunches,
    Ronnie, Pollye, Chance and Chase